20 Lut Color for gopro GoPro LUTs – free- Finalcut – Premiere Pro

There are 20 GoPro color correction LUTs in the bundle, which is a must for every specialist recording videos during sports events, competitions, concerts, etc. They are also helpful if you need to enhance traveling and landscape clips. All GoPro LUTs brings a somehow similar mood to your videos and highlight their best features, while offering slightly different color grading and curves. If you need to brighten colors, make them vibrant and catchy – these LUTs are a perfect fit. They will also correct contrast, add a vintage vibe, adjust overall brightness and saturation, mute greens and gently shift yellows to the orange side.

Each GoPro LUT from this collection is available in .CUBE format, which extends the range of video editing programs you can use while correcting colors in your videos. This GoPro LUTs set is designed by professionals, who tried to meet the needs of beginner and experienced videographers, who like recording adrenaline-rush videos on GoPro cameras.

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