Modern Transitions For Premiere PRO V14 share free

Main features

Simply drag and drop (without editing)
Works ONLY with Premiere Pro (CC13 v.7.2.2 and above)
Extremely easy to use (without any knowledge)
4 Speed variations
Sound effect for each transition
HTML Preview Gallery (To choose fast and easy the right transition)
Works with any type of media
Separated projects for each category
What is included in the pack

919 Transitions for Premiere Pro (These are NOT mogrt files) and 156 Sound effects

Swipes with RGB
Lens Swipes
Lens Swipes with RGB
Panoramic Swipes
Panoramic Swipes with RGB
Spins with RGB
Zoom Spins
Zoom Spins with RGB
Simple Zoom
Simple Zoom with RGB
Lens Zoom
Lens Zoom with RGB
Lens Zoom Spins
Lens Zoom Spins with RGB
Stretch with RGB
Square Glitch
Wave Glitch
Blocks Glitch
Mosaic Glitch
Distortion Glitch
Super Fast
Light Leaks
Bonus: Swipe with Light Leaks
Real Glitch
Digital Glitch
Smooth Shake
RGB Smooth Shake
Hard Shake
RGB Hard Shake
Perspective Shake
RGB Perspective Shake
Video Tutorials with voice over

Add a Transition
Change Transition’s Duration
Fix the bugs (if you have)
Fix offline media files (if you have)
Make it work in any resolution
Turn on “Markers” if you can’t see them
Free Updates

v1 150 Transitions
v2 384 Transitions and 21 Sound Effects into each transition. Now works with previous versions of Premiere Pro. From CC13 v7.2.2 and above.
v2.1 Updated Video Tutorials. Video tutorial that shows how to fix bugs (if you have). Works faster. Better organized Premiere project.
v2.2 Updated Video Tutorials. Video tutorials with voice over.
v3 +90 Glitch Transitions and +15 Glitch sound effects
v3.1 HTML Preview Gallery (To choose fast and easy the right transition)
v4 +47 Super Fast Transitions and 10 sound effects
v4.5 Works for 2K and 720p
v5 +100 Light Leaks Transitions and +50 Burn sound effects
v5.5 4K Resolution update. Separated projects for each category
v6 Faster!!! + 112 Transitions (100 Light Leaks and 12 Swipes)
v6.2 Works with square (1080×1080)
v6.3 Faster html preview
v6.4 Work with Vertical resolution. Video tutorial that explains how you could make it work with any resolution
v7 +50 Glitch transitions. +50 Glitch Sounds. Video tutorial: TIPS for BETTER_PERFORMANCE in Premiere Pro
v8 +50 Digital Glitch Transitions
v9 +60 Shake Transitions and +10 Shake sounds effects
v9.1 Fix glitch sounds issue. + 35 glitch sounds.
v10 Faster render. Better RGB split.


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