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PROFESSIONAL MAP PATH TOOL FOR FCPX… Learn how to give directions to your home or business in a fun and easy way with PROMAP™ from Pixel Film Studios.

With moving lines, pins and land marks, you can create a clean looking, intuitive map video in Final Cut Pro X. WELCOME TO A PROMAP LESSON Welcome to a PROMAP™ lesson from Pixel Film Studios. PROMAP™ allows Final Cut Pro X users to a plot out a journey with moving lines and landmark indicators. From local drives to global treks, PROMAP™ can make direction videos both fun and easy to create in Final Cut Pro X. For this example, we will show you to create a basic custom map.

STEP 1 – PREPARING THE TIMELINE Let’s begin by selecting an image of a map in the FCPX media library and dragging it to the timeline. Once, you have your map in the timeline, go to the FCPX titles library to locate the PROMAP™ presets. Scan through the presets and select the one that best matches the look you want. Then, drag the adjustment layer above your clip on the Final Cut Pro X timeline and make it the same length as the footage. For this example, we will use the 6 point custom preset.

STEP 2 – SETTING UP THE PATH Now, it’s time to start setting up our map path. First, select the custom map layer in the timeline. Then use the on-screen control pucks in the viewer window to shape your path. The puck with the dot on it is the end point. For older versions of Final Cut Pro X, you may need to double click the refresh animation button in the Inspector window once you have finished making your changes. This will tell Final Cut Pro X to re-render each point in it’s new location. Finally, use the line roundness, color, and width parameters to customize the look of the path.

STEP 3 – ANIMATING THE PATH Once everything is set up, it’s time to animate our ProMap so that the it reveals itself. Move the playhead to the front of the PROMAP™ layer and select it in the timeline. Now, go to the “Custom Animation” parameter in the FCPX Inspector.


Change it to 0 and set a key frame. Then, move the playhead to the end of the clip, and change the “Custom Animation” to 100. Since we have already applied a key frame to this parameter, it will auto key frame any changes we make to it. FINAL TOUCHES Now for some Final Touches. Scan through the ProMap presets in the titles library, and select a few landmark icons and text holders. Drag the marks above your map layer on the Final Cut Pro X timeline and make it the same length as the footage. Select each layer one at a time and use the on-screen control to position and scale each marker. Then use the parameters found in the Inspector window to change the text and color.


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